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Click here to see the details of wax candle fitterWax Candle Fitter
Our wax candle fitters are pliable, sticky, and just the thing for holding taper candles securely in their holders. Also referred to as "tacky wax." Each package contains 14 wax strips, enough for securing at least 14 taper candles.Other uses include: earthquake wax, museum putty, wax appliqué adhesive, and general adhesive (in moderate temperatures).
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Click here to see the details of candle shaper Candle shaper
With our candle shaper, sizing your tapers is as easy as sharpening a pencil!
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Click here to see the details of wax fringed lighting tapers Wax fringed lighting tapers
Our lighting tapers are ideal for lighting hard to reach candles or deeply burned container or pillar candles. A favorite with churches.
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Click here to see the details of candle flameCandle Flame
Refillable Multi-Purpose Lighter
  • Keeps Hands Away from Flames
  • Reaches Hard to Light Places
  • Child Resistant Lock
  • Visible Fuel Supply
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Long Lasting

  • $4.95
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    Click here to see the details of candle wax lifter Candle wax lifter
    A fast and easy way to remove spilled wax! Set includes non-scratching scraper tool, 2 oz. bottle of liquid wax remover, and instructions for removing wax from hard surfaces, fabrics, carpet, and upholstery.

    - Item Weight: 1.02 pounds
    - Item Dimensions: 5" high x 2" wide x 2" long
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    Click here to see the details of 72 round glass votive holders72 Round Glass Votive Holders
    72 Round Glass votive holders only $21.99!!

    Our heavy-duty votive candle holders are the highest quality votive holders you'll find anywhere!

    Tip: A half teaspoon of water in the holder will make it easy to remove any remaining wax once the candle has burned out and cooled. Votive candles sold separately.
    Our Votive holders are ready for immediate delivery.
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    Click here to see the details of champagne glasses (1 dozen)Champagne Glasses (1 Dozen)
    Made of quality glass. Stands 9" tall. One dozen glass champagne Only for $24.50 ($2.04 Each)
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    Take a look at our selection of candle accessories. All of our quality candle accessories are offered at great prices. Whether you are looking for a candle fitter, candle shaper, wax lifter, or candle holders, you will find we have what you are looking for. We invite you to click on any of our products below to find detailed information on all of our candle accessories. They also make great gifts for at candle lovers collection.

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    We offer the best prices for Taper candles, Votive candles, Tealight Candles and Pillar candles. We have been decorating many wedding parties with our special wedding candles. We are one of the most popular suppliers of many churches nationwide. We ship over to thousands of churches all across the nation. Our Church Candles and Vigil Candles are one of the best seller items in USA. We offer special discount for Churches.
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