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Click here to see the details of 1/2" x 10" white processional candles with bobeches (church services,candlelight vigils)1/2" x 10" White Processional Candles with Bobeches (church services,candlelight vigils)
Our 1/2" x 10" taper candles are ideal for church services, candlelight vigils, ceremonies, or at any event where candles will be hand-held. Included are paper bobeches (drip protectors) to catch drips and keep molten wax off of hands. Each box includes 50 taper candles and 50 paper bobeches (drip protectors). Burn time is approx. 2 hours when burned in ideal conditions; hand-held candles and candles burned outdoors will have a shorter burn time due to drips.
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Click here to see the details of blue splash hanukah candles (set of 45)Blue Splash Hanukah Candles (Set of 45)
These charming, traditional dipped candles are uniquely drizzled with a dark sky blue, and are sized to fit most menorahs . These candles are packaged in a smart diamond-shaped box, suitable for gift-giving. Set of 45 deluxe tapered Hanukah candles
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Click here to see the details of 10" elements candles  (set of 6)10" Elements candles (set of 6)
These delicate, elegant candles are made in Germany, and add a touch of style, grace, and romance to a bedroom, living room, or dining room. Made out of luminescent white wax, these candles make especially captivating accents in a room swept with dark, dramatic colors. Set of 6 candles.
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Click here to see the details of party/chime candles  (box of 20)Party/chime candles (Box of 20)
These short, stubby, vibrantly colored candlesticks contribute wonderfully to a festive party atmosphere, and are made especially to power candle chimes . (Candle chimes are just like wind chimes, but are moved by candle flame heat instead of wind!) Shown above with our white porcelain candle holder , sold separately. Price listed is per box, with 20 candles per box.
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Click here to see the details of advent taper ring set Advent taper ring set
The Advent wreath celebration has a long tradition as a family observance. It begins with the blessing of the wreath at the evening meal on the Saturday before the first Sunday of Advent. One by one a new candle is lit throughout the month of December. Then on Christmas Day, the colored candles are replaced with the white candles, which are burned until the ceremony concludes with the Feast of Epiphany.
Boxed set includes one 10" brass Advent ring, four 10" taper candles (3 violet, 1 rose) and a devotional document explaining the history and ceremony of the Advent wreath.

Refill Advent candle sets also available.
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Click here to see the details of small twist birthday candles - assorted colors (box of 24)Small twist birthday candles - assorted colors (Box of 24)
These are the classic, traditional twisted birthday candles in assorted colors. Pack includes 6 blue, 6 green, 4 yellow, 4 white, and 4 pink candles
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Click here to see the details of cadet taper holders (set of 12)Cadet Taper Holders (Set of 12)
Regular price is $2.50 each. Buy in bulk at $0.99 each
Holds 1" Taper

These attractive, subtle glass taper candle holders are perfect at the dinner table or at parties. Great for wedding receptions, or whenever cost is prohibitive.

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  • Multi Color Drip Candles - Vigil & Chruch Taper Candles
  • Utility Taper Candles - Taper Holders

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    We offer the best prices for Taper candles, Votive candles, Tealight Candles and Pillar candles. We have been decorating many wedding parties with our special wedding candles. We are one of the most popular suppliers of many churches nationwide. We ship over to thousands of churches all across the nation. Our Church Candles and Vigil Candles are one of the best seller items in USA. We offer special discount for Churches.
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